We are all but souls lost in this time continuum

We are all souls who chose to undergo a human experience. Once I realized this and internalized it, life and human nature began to make more sense. We are not our bodies and our bodies are not us. We are only souls enclosed in a wonderful temple. Even with acknowledging this factoid, it can still be difficult to internalize this reality. It can still be hard to not get caught up with life on this planet and human centered issues. But life is so much more than the clothes we chose to wear on our backs and the food we chose to stuff in our chiseled faces. It is about whether or not we have the courage to undergo the spiritual growth needed to enable us a successful and complete journey here on this planet.

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Below I have provided a few tips for becoming ready for a spiritual transformation. It is all about the process. Just as some enjoy pineapple on their pizza while others find it absolutely repulsive, everyone will develop at different rates and find some exercises more helpful than others. Be mindful and appreciative of the unique differences we all share. You are special.


Tip #1: Start enjoying quiet time and not letting your thoughts engulf your life. 

Put down that phone. Yes do it (unless you are reading my blog post through your phone, well then of course, keep on reading the beautiful words I have composed just for you). Turn off the radio, stop watching your favorite reality stars hashing it out and stop absorbing the useless information that is preventing you from reaching enlightenment. I believe we are all born with the natural ability to connect with a higher spiritual source and understand our purpose on this planet. However, as we grow up, these God given abilities are washed away by pushback from society scolding us from having unlimited dreams of what we can accomplish from our life. Don’t let them take this gift away from you. Gain your strength back by giving yourself time everyday to sit down and clear your thoughts. It may be hard, or even impossible, at first to stop your thoughts, but trust me, you can do it. (click here for meditation tips and tricks)

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Photo by Artem Bali on Pexels.com

Tip #2: See how the green the other side really is

We all think the other side is living life on the high roads while us toads are barely getting by. But guys come on.. it’s not about how much money we have or what kind of car we drive (although I get it, I am human too. I want that Lamborghini just as much as you do). It is about the experiences we have and the connections we make. If your job allows, travel; travel to the most far away place you can imagine. See the cultural differences that exist, taste the various foods you didn’t even know were out there and see the wonderful views nature has given us. It is time to venture out of our comfort zone. Even it that means taking a different route to work  than you usually do or eating at the new restaurant that just opened up. Let’s experience life and not wait for it to experience us. Because the universe knows why it is here, but do we?

woman wearing halloween costume
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 Tip #3: Find yourself through wholeheartedly serving others

There is no other better way to find yourself and appreciate what you have than to help others and make a contribution to society. You do not have to be the medical field or fighting overseas to feel as though you are helping and making the most out of your time. Giving your time to an eager ear or donating a dollar here and there to a lost soul needing food and comfort is all you need to do to help make this world a little bit better. If you feel you have the time and the means to do more, well by jolly, go do it! We are all here together, we are one. If someone else needs help, then you need help. So do what you can to help others and the universe will reward you hundredfold. In this process of wholeheartedly giving without regrets, you will discover who you are and how to fit into this world.

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Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

Tip #4: Contemplate the purpose of life

The answer to the purpose of life is not an all encompassing one; it as unique as your preference for which Spice Girl is the best (although we all known Baby Spice is where its at). Your purpose of life is not the same as your partners purpose in life… and that’s okay! That is how it should be. Imagine if we all had the same purpose of becoming president and changing how the world was run? Well then we would all be shooting for the same goal and who would be around to raise our children and teach them the skills they need to know to run society in the future? How would we serve and protect our country or how would we develop new medications to cure diseases? Our journey here is unique and special. We need people from our backgrounds to take upon various roles needed to survive. Now this is where your work begins… how do you feel you fit into society? Do you feel as though you were meant for big things but are not sure of what? Do you want to influence America’s or the world’s youth but are not sure how? We have all been there even if we don’t like to admit it.

So don’t panic. Take some time to stop, relax and think. The answer is coming.

back view hair observing ocean
Photo by Nikolay Draganov on Pexels.com

Tip #5: Be ready to embrace the journey

Change is inevitable especially when becoming more closely connected to your spirit guide but trust me, take the risk and strap on because it is going to be an amazing ride. What you thought you were, what you valved and how you viewed life itself will begin to change. The things you thought mattered most to you will cease to hold a space in your mind and materialistic objects you so dearly held onto will simply become a space to fill another material item. But your heart and soul will become filled with food energy and you will grow to a surplus amount and will not stop until you are radiating as you were created to do.

So… are you ready?

photography of a woman holding lights
Photo by Matheus Bertelli on Pexels.com

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